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Rhythmic Tides - amateur 3D animation

26 de septiembre de 2007
So this is part of a series of animations I made back in high school that won the state-wide animation competition in Spring 2006 (each of which had to fall under certain limits, explained below). The quality isn't professional. After all, it was completely done by me in a short time span in high school, so I think it's pretty good all things considered. I'm currently in college working on a degree in 3D art and technology.

The only limit on this piece is that it could be no longer than 60 seconds. I had recently seen a few clips from Animusic (which I highly recommend checking out), and was inspired to make this. It was more of an experiment with sound/timing and creating a completely unique instrument that actually FIT note for note than an actual animation, per se. But I did throw in a few twists and colors from the fountains, and overall I like how it came out.
Categoría: Cine y animación

Etiquetas: Rhythmic Tides amateur 3d animation animusic aqua harp fountain

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