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Animusic 2 - Fiber Bundles

06 de septiembre de 2008
Visit if you're interested in watching this amazing Animusic video, along with seven, fourteen, or more other Animusic videos, with much better picture and sound quality on DVD. Animusic is a computer animation company specializing in the visualization of MIDI-based music.

This is a computer generated video showing surreal objects which look like deformed fluorescent tubes making music by glowing in a room that resembles an alien spacecraft. In the middle, there is a drum set that is played by projectiles of light. It seems that most of the objects are being fed light via fiber optic cables from something on the ceiling.

Each of the lighting objects has a unique synthesized sound. Here they are in the order they start playing:
0:04 green: warm pad
0:15 white: echo synth pulses
0:41 purple: synth bass guitar
0:42 drum set (including synthesized drums)
1:19 red: lead synth
1:20 yellow: chorus synth
3:16 green: synth arpeggio
4:18 green: synth arpeggio (higher pitched)
Categoría: Cine y animación

Etiquetas: animation art music musical instruments Animusic computer animated CG cgi 3D entertainment amazing awesome fantastic Fiber Bundles fiberbundles lights optics fluorescent tubes synthesizer synesthesia

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