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Fire in the sky

23 de abril de 2007
LoL ok people posting comments repeating what the other person already commented, read my description box I stated I saw "something" that morning NOT an actual fire. The video is called "fire in the sky" like a metaphor not an actual fire. Seriously hate to say it but theirs too many retards who comment on the stupidest things and for that reason I have blocked all comments. The ridiculous amount of idioticy displayed throughout the comments is dumbfounding. Now I will say this to get the nerds in an uproar its not a contrail end of story it is a meteor. Go ahead comment now you retards.
Categoría: Ocio

Etiquetas: ufo fire comet meteor unexplained space sky stars weird jet airplane funny odd falling fireball mysterious excellent skate fun awesome other death desert strange crazy banned

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