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Amazing Blindfolded Dog on Pet Star!

08 de mayo de 2008
Here's my sheltie Taz's appearance on Pet Star performing his routine of tricks while blindfolded, the first dog to my knowledge to ever do such a thing. I would never have thought a dog would anything like this, particularly since most dogs refuse to move when they have their eyes covered. But once I found out he was willing to do simple tricks like waving with the blindfold on, we just started working out harder and harder skills and he just totally amazed me with his uncanny ability to figure things out as we went along, and most importantly...still having fun while doing it! He is quite a show-off and clearly enjoys the attention he gets when doing tricks like this.

I do have to laugh a bit at Mario holding him all through the judge's intro and comments. Taz is not particularly fond of being held but is too polite to really object to it, but they actually had to tape that twice so both Taz and Mario were obviously getting very tired and quite happy when he finally put him down!
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