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Multiuse Bike Machine - Innovate or die competition

16 de diciembre de 2007

This is my multiuse bike machine.
Its functions include:
-knife sharpener, to maintain farming equipment
-grinder, for grinding coffee, grain, spices, or to make animal feed
-corn degrainer to simplify and accelerate a necessary but time consuming task in processing corn
-electric generator for off the grid lighting
-blender to improve nutrition and add enable home based micro industry
-water pump, capable of moving 5 gallons per minute

The tools are mounted on tables which attach to a simple 3 point mounting system. The tool tables can be switched easily using only one tool. Changing attachments usually takes under 5 minutes.

The design is simple yet versatile and I am still working on developing more attachments.

Similar pedal powered machines have proved to be very useful to subsistence farmers in rural Guatemala. My design combines these 6 machines into one simple design, to streamline production and lower costs. While it is unlikely any one user will want all 6 tools, the machine provides more utility at a lower cost.

All of the parts are locally available and it can be built and maintained with a minimal number of tools.

Note: Please pardon the terrible video editing, it's my first attempt and embarrassingly bad.
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