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Innovate or Die -- The Transformation Trike

14 de diciembre de 2007
The Transformation Trike is a multi-use human-powered vehicle designed for use as a cargo hauler and people mover. The cargo capacity is 350 lbs and can accommodate one, two, or three drivers working in tandem.

This is an invention submission to the Specialized Bicycle's "Innovate or Die" pedal-powered machine contest.

The Transformation Trike is designed to be rugged and use off the shelf components to ensure longevity.

The Trike was invented by Aaron Tarfman , fabricated by Bill Stites , video by Dan Kaufman . Music by Mike Whipple.

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Categoría: Automoción

Etiquetas: innovate or die trike tandem tricycle bicycle human powered vehicle recumbent

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