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Monster Jam Anaheim January 10th 2009

13 de enero de 2009
Monster Jam action from Anaheim Stadium on January 10 , 2009. The line up for this awesome Monster truck event was Backwards Bob driven by Mike Wine, Tropical Thunder, Jurassic Attack piloted by Kristy Edge, Shocker steered by Pat Gerber, Time Flys driven by Kelvin Ramer, Obsession by Rick Swanson, Maniac by Don Frankish, The Patriot by Dan Rodoni, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Truck, Blue Thunder driven by Tony Farrell, Grave Digger with Pablo Huffaker, and to top off the night of crazy big wheel action.... Maximum Destruction who flipped a total of three times this night...once in racing and twice in freestyle...of course piloted by Tom Meents.

The Monster Jam Racing at Anaheim was won by Grave Digger who narrowly beat the TMNT truck to the line. The course was long and full of twists and turns putting on a great show for the fans!

Freestyle was one of the best ever!! Time Flys busted out numerous wheelies, slap wheelies, and awesome air. The Patriot might have pulled off one of the best freestyles Anaheim has seen, hitting every obstacle and driving on his SIDE attempting to save it for a LONG time. Maniac and Jurassic Attack both had great looking freestyles before breaking, Maniac losing his right front tire after a jump! Grave Digger put on a great show and had one of the most amazing saves ever after losing his left front tire and digging the truck into the dirt, sending it into a nose dive vertical. Maximum Destruction flipped once, being saved barely!! Then getting stuck on some of the dirt barrels. He left the entire stadium on its feet when Meents continued, then to flip AGAIN after some massive air. Grave Digger won with the help of overtime points, barely edging out The Patriot for the win.
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