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Jethro Tull - Witches Promise, 1970 - The Minstrel Looks Back 2DVD

26 de febrero de 2007
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Unbelievable performance by Tull in 1970. This is what it's all about!

The Minstrel Looks Back, 1969-1977 2-DVD set
This 2-DVD set includes:
- Live in Tampa, Fl, July 31, 1976
- Live at the London Hippodrome, Feb. 10, 1977
- Live at the Tanglewood Music Fair, July 7, 1970
- An appearance on German TV, 1970
- Appearances from Swedish TV, 1969
- Rare mint quality footage of promotional videos for A Witches Promise and Teacher originally broadcast on French TV in 1970

Rare promotional videos for:
- Bouree, 1969
- Life's A Long Song, 1971
- Living in the Past, 1976
- Too Old to Rock n Roll, Too Young to Die, 1976
- The Whistler, 1977
- A full clip of "The Minstrel in the Gallery" from a never released show filmed in Paris in November of 1975!
- Rare 8mm clips of performances from A Passion Play and Thick as a Brick tours. Both of which were never professionally recorded in either video or audio. Amazing, right?
- The original film of "The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles" that was shown during the Passion Play concerts

My favorite era of Jethro Tull includes the CDS:
- This Was, 1968
- Stand Up, 1969
- Benefit, 1970
- Aqualung, 1971
- Thick as a Brick, 1972
- A Passion Play, 1973
- Warchild, 1974
- Minstrel in the Gallery, 1975
- Too Old to Rock n Roll, Too Young to Die, 1976
- Songs From the Wood

If you are new to Jethro Tull and have enjoyed watching all the progressive rock clips that you see on youtube I suggest that you go out and buy these CDs. They are from Jethro Tull's prime and I think you would enjoy them.
Jethro Tull - The Minstrel Looks Back, 1969-1977 2-DVD set
Genesis - Six Hours Live double live DVD
Queen - An Evening With Queen double live DVD
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