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The LambdaTable

17 de diciembre de 2008
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The LambdaTable is the highest-resolution tabletop display system in the world, with a combined resolution of 24 million pixels. The device supports multi-user interaction for collaborative investigation of 2D and 3D high-resolution data. The LambdaTable is driven by a 7-node computer cluster with 10 gigabit interfaces and high-end graphics cards. LambdaTable collaborators interact with multiple datasets in an intuitive way. Infrared camera-tracked pucks allow users to simultaneously pan, zoom, and rotate the imagery. LambdaTable supports a broad range of visual application areas in addition to scientific visualization.
Categoría: Ciencia y tecnología

Etiquetas: EVL Electronic Visualization Laboratory LambdaTable tiled display RainTable Magic Carpet Purkinje Neuron museums multi-user interaction visualization infared camera tracking advanced device

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