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Canon GL2 Test Footage

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12 de agosto de 2007
Just a test footage from a canon GL2 camcorder on frame mode. (30p)
Post procesing done in after effects whith magic bullet.

i was also testing a new compression metoth for YouTube.

Music by Rob Costlow


Prueba de video de una canon GL2 en modo frame (30p)
correccion de color hecha en after effects y magic bullet.

tambien estaba probando un nuevo metodo de compresion para YouTube.

Musica por Rob Costlow

sseveral people asked me how did i compress my vido, well, here are the settings
video settings: H264 - 2000Kbits/sec - 320 x 240
Categoría: Cine y animación

Etiquetas: canon gl2 test footage DOF dof after effects post process proces color correction grading depth of field correccion

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