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08/12 Quran Kya Kehta Hai: Sunnatullah / Dastoor / Hadith / Hikmah (2004) by Mohammad Shaikh

18 de abril de 2009
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Mohammad Shaikh chairman-IIPC tv from Pakistan is student of renowned muslim scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (Late)-President of IPCI from South Africa. Mohammad Shaikh is a remarkable muslim scholar with charismatic personality, unique in presenting the relevant Ayats / Signs on a particular topic from Al-Qur'an inorder to clarify the Spirit / Essence in English and Urdu. Jazak Allah. May Allah reward him!

This is a lecture that talks about the ?Sunnat/Practice,? a word which is normally linked to the messenger of God; however the lecture highlights this word which in Quran is used with Allah/God and also people through time. Sunatullah, describes the practice of Allah which is unchanging through time and the practices of humanity, which also does not change in principle through time
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Etiquetas: DAWAH YA TABHAI (DAWAH OR DESTRUCTION) IN URDU DR.ZAKIR NAIK Sunnatullah Dastoor Hadith Hikmah by Mohammad Shaikh

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