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22 de junio de 2008
this video is from youtube user NETER420
you can find the rest of series on his channel.

what else do they hide from us? and why?

we are supposed to life under oil-dependence as long as possible, because the elite gets richer from it every day and gets more finacial (=political) power!

all food-problems around the world could be solved with the machines from victor schauberger (who invented the "trout-engine". i don't know if it is the correct translation). it's only by-product was healing water (!!!). it worked with implosion instead of explosion. you could call it the reverse of an atomic explosion.
schauberger always said: "you move wrong!" which means. we use the wrong sort of energyproduction. and believe me: the elite knows that very well. they do it on purpose!
schauberger was denounced in the public. but he was good enough to work for governments and give his patents (unvoluntaryly) to them. they are not used for the wealth of the human race and our earth since today!!!

so... why? why not produce masses of energy and btw make africa a green continent? why not stop the suffering?

answer is simple and sad: because it would only be a barrier for the long planed ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT!
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